About Earth exchange


The concept for Earth Exchange developed because of my passion to do something positive for the environment. I wanted to create a sustainable, environmentally conscious business. This led to the the idea of selling recycled goods. Earth Exchange opened its first store in Maple Grove, Minnesota on

Earth Day 2001. 

After a few months in business it was clear that many items people were looking for did not come into the store very often. Almost every day someone was asking for a piece of furniture that we did not have. A deep desire to be of true service to the community encouraged me to find suppliers for the most asked for items such as dressers, chests, nightstands, mattresses, sofas, etc. Introducing this new merchandise was very well received. We were able to keep our prices low because we always encouraged our customers to bring us their donations. This process gives customers a discount on any purchase. It also enables us to keep the recycling process going that we are SO committed to, while making much needed New Mattresses and New Furniture available to our community.

Discounts for Donations

became our slogan. A comprehensive discount program was developed. By combining various coupons or a customer appreciation card. Customers can create their own sale any day of the year. This sets Earth Exchange apart, making it a one of a kind store. The mixture of used and new worked out so well that I was able to open another store in downtown Superior Wisconsin by beautiful Lake Superior. In 2016 my most valued employee Cara James became my partner at Earth Exchange in the Superior store. We are grateful to be part of the beautiful Twin Ports Area and will continue to reach out to the community with positive messages, providing used and new quality merchandise while increasing awareness about the environment.


Monika Hoffmann

Founder of Earth Exchange


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